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A measure of manifest death wish is a common human trait. Hence things like wars. And motorcycles.

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Dec. 4th, 2011 | 07:13 pm
location: Baker Street
mood: weirdweird

oh god what am i doing. when did this be my life. i've committed fanmix. with plot. au fanmix. au supernatural threesome fanmix. so yeah. yeah. here we go then.


Holy Water like Cheap Whiskey
a deanpire/godstiel/crowley mix


Standing Room In Heaven//That Handsome Devil

I want my poison to taste like poison
Up there the drinks are watered-down
And the doorman he won't let my boys in
So my friends are not around

There's no more seats in Heaven
So get your tickets in advance
It's only standing room in Heaven
And Hell is where we go to dance

Kingdom of Welcome Addiction//IAMX

"I want to help you help me help ourselves. ... I want to discuss a simple business transaction, that's all."

Do you remember your coming down
Forced to take sides?
Your taunted charm and your broken smile
Touched me unexpectedly

So long
So long you've waited in line
Desire is a gift in life
So long
So long you've left and arrived
It's time for you to stay awhile

Vampires Will Never Hurt You//My Chemical Romance

"I’m a monster. This is not a problem that you spitball. We gotta deal with this before I hurt somebody.”"

And if they get me and the sun goes down into the ground
And if they get me take this spike to my heart and
And if they get me and the sun goes down
And if they get me take this spike and
You put the spike in my heart

I'm Going To Heaven With or Without You//The Paper Chase

"Dean, I have been charged to protect you. I will hold to that oath, always."

I'll keep a horseshoe on my step, I'll keep a cross around my neck
While draping garlic above our bed
All good luck, amulets, and aids will dab your forehead, keep you safe
From the forest fire rage
Our fine crystal will cling, we'll drink to anything
If it keeps the highways moving, keeps commuting smooth for you
I'm drawing a bloodbath, with or without you

The Devil's Ball//The World/Inferno Friendship Society

"What we don’t do is we don’t go out and make another deal with the Devil.”

Convenience is the devil's tongueHonesty, it's the devil's foreplayCircus folk you say, time to slip awayIt seems I've played this scene before you know and
Anything could happen

Me And Jesus Don't Talk Anymore//Beulah

Can you get me there, friend?
Without a soul to sell along the way
The devil rides with me again
He always says everything's okay

Maybe I'm losing sleep over nothing
Maybe I'll be just fine
He tears me away from all those little things
That seemed so important when I knew you

And though we are falling stars
We feel just fine
And though it seems we're not far
We need more time

A Walk In The Dark//David Byrne

"I'm hardly the worst boss you could have. Won't fire you for showing your drinking. Booze or blood."

Oh silent night
Oh holy night
Sometimes you see me
Sometimes you don't

You'll get to know me better
After a walk in the dark
The monster in the mirror
We'll take a walk in the dark
Woah - we'll take a walk in the dark
Woah - we'll take a walk in the dark

Something Diabolical//The Bloodhound Gang

Heaven may be running on empty yet the devil rides
Heaven may be running on empty yet the devil rides
Heaven may be running on empty yet the devil rides
Hell burns, my angel turns her pillow to the cooler side

Something diabolical

Funny Olde World//Ego Likeness

"So, looking for purgatory, huh?"

And you don't tempt us
We forge our own paths, our own ways
And you can't possibly hurt us
Worse than the way we hurt ourselves each day

Hey there, demon
Now the end is growing near
So squeeze me tight in your mortal coil
And nuke away my fear

It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish//My Chemical Romance

"Why are you still here, Cas?"
"Why do you refuse to believe you're worth saving?"

Hip hip hooray for me
You talk to me
But would you kill me in my sleep 
Lay still like the dead
From the razor to the rosary
We could lose ourselves
And paint these walls in pitchfork red

I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take
I'm coming back from the dead
And I'll take you home with me
I'm taking back the life you stole

If I Was Your Vampire//Marilyn Manson

"The stench of that Impala's all over your trenchcoat, angel.”

Digging your smile apart
With my spade-tongue
The hole is where the heart is
We built this tomb together
And I won't fill it alone
Beyond the pale
Everything is black
No turning back

If I was your vampire
Certain as the moon,
Instead of killing time
We'll have each other
Until the sun

Your Joy Is My Low//IAMX

"Guess we can come up with some kindof arrangement."

He takes your face and positions it to take your mouth
You bite, you bite to excite yourself
He wants the colour of you to wear and feel alive
And you bite, and I'm awake and I'm the slave tonight

You and Me and The Devil Makes Three//Marilyn Manson

If you get in bed someone will fall in love
You and me and the devil makes three
There's not a word for what I want to do to you
There's not a word for what I want to do to you
There's not a word for what I want to do to you
There's not a word for what I want to do to you

War In Heaven//The Raveonettes

"Us three and ten thousand monster souls against the host of heaven? Sounds good."

Wait, a war in heaven
Wait, a war in heaven
I hate it when they forget
To let people live

Demolition Lovers//My Chemical Romance

I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know just how much you mean to me
And after all the things we put each other through and

I would drive on to the end with you
A liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full
And I feel like there's nothing left to do
But prove myself to you and we'll keep it running

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Comments {3}

what a catch.

this isn't a subject

from: rocketgirl2
date: Dec. 15th, 2011 11:04 pm (UTC)

This seems like it might possibly be the best thing ever. Thank you! :D :D :D

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wayward kitten

this isn't a subject

from: puchuupoet
date: Dec. 18th, 2011 12:51 am (UTC)

Oooh, this looks awesome :D Snagging, thanks!

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this isn't a subject

from: zenwiccan
date: Dec. 18th, 2011 03:35 am (UTC)

Great concept for a mix, I love it! Thanks for sharing! :)

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