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Nov. 8th, 2007 | 08:57 pm

Title: Secret
Pairing: Abby/Ziva
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: none to speak of
Warnings: This is my first real fanfic. Oh, yeah. And there's the sex.
Disclaimer: These two beautiful women belong to people who are not me, sadly, and to each other.
Concrit: Is there a way to say 'oh, god, PLEASE' without sounding too needy?

None of the others, not even Gibbs, suspects a thing.

They don’t know that when Abby leaves her lab after a case, she is almost invariably headed for Ziva’s mini cooper. That she rides back to her apartment sitting cross legged in the passenger seat, pleated skirt that claims to be school-girl-esque covering not a bit of her pale thighs.

They’d never guess that Ziva is always waiting for her, leaning against the gleaming red car like the most graceful of predators, the slightest of smirks twisting her lips upward as her eyes follow Abby’s path across the parking lot. That her right hand invariably finds it’s way to Abby’s exposed thigh on the ride home, leaving the other to handle steering the mini on it’s own.

None of them would imagine Abby pretending to be annoyed at Ziva’s constant swerving from lane to lane, and Ziva pretending to be annoyed at Abby’s favorite Android Lust song blasting out of the speakers. So, of course, the fact that they can’t restrain themselves any longer by the time they get to Abby’s apartment, and end up kissing and groping just inside the doorway, stumbling (because Ziva has never figured out how to factor Abby’s heavy black boots into the equation) to the bedroom, is completely out of the question in anyone else’s mind. Except Tony’s, but he hardly considers it could be fact, in any case.

That Abby slides down Ziva’s body in the half-light, trailing kisses over throat, plump breasts, taut belly, ultimately coming to rest between Ziva’s long legs. The way Abby’s tongue dips inside her, laves over her swollen clit, presses down teasingly and then firm, and Ziva shudders and doesn’t notice her own hips gyrating. And when Ziva stills and tenses, with a sound that can’t decide whether it should be a gasp or a moan (the only sound she ever makes during sex, much the Abby’s consternation) she pulls Abby back up with strong arms, flips them faster than she should be able to. How she runs her tongue over Abby’s glistening lips, nibbles along her jawline, licks at Abby’s ear as though moistening the skin will cause her words to penetrate farther, which it does. That Ziva’s predatory purr (though it seemed impossible) is even more provocative, seductive, when she is actually talking about fucking. She straddles Abby, who is already moaning quietly, one skilled hand ghosting over her breasts, the other slipping down and in, between those pale thighs. A thumb teases Abby’s right nipple, while the second hand strokes and pets and plunges inside her, and that low voice seems to be only an inch from direct contact with the synapses of her brain. Abby whimpers as the hand moves to her other breast, flicking at the nipple, when her earlobe is bitten and sucked into that warm mouth, cries out when long fingers press deep inside her only to be withdrawn, moans when Ziva rubs her clit, slowly, languorously. She comes with one long sigh, with Ziva nipping and sucking at her neck, mouth strategically positioned over the fat spider perched on the inked web, so no one will see the mark she leaves, and those fingers, every one of them, press all the way into her, and the thumb presses solidly against her aching clit.

And not one of their colleagues, their friends, suspects.

Even Ziva doesn’t suspect the greatest secret. That Abby lives for those nights when she breaks Ziva’s prized control, when, beneath the ministrations of Abby’s deft tongue, the impeccably composed Mossad agent is trembling, unable to contain the thrust of her own hips, though she'll certainly deny it later. And she doesn’t know that when the tables are swiftly turned, and Abby is moaning and panting beneath Ziva’s voice and hands, that’s icing. That's just a bonus. Abby’s really in this to feel Ziva’s body quiver beneath her.

Of course, when she has Ziva choose her new tattoo, to be needled into the skin of her thigh, that might give it away.

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