Taking Tea with the Lonely God

24 November 1990
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Herein you will find the assorted fanworks, lyrical stylings, and occasionally coherent ramblings of one wild beastie. He's a sirenical rascal, an insouciant scoundrel, and a frigid bitch. When not perseverating all over fictional universes, he lives a life of polymorphous perversity and high functioning sociopathy. He is militantly multifaceted, highly customizable, and chemically enhanced for your viewing pleasure.

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8000 pound makos, abolishing domesticated gender traits, absinthe, actors in prosthetics, actual facts about sharks, agent-smith's-sense-of-smell, alien and predator, alien sex, angular features, archaic language, autosexuality, batman/iron man, biting sarcasm, blackfriars playhouse, boys in girl's clothes, british accents, bruises, burn notice/dexter, cardassians, cat dead details later, character development, cranky older men, crossovers, cuddling, cutter!fic, daddy!kink, damaged things, dangerous liasons, dollhouse, dr. herbert west, eco steampunk bondage, ethical fashion, excuses-for-the-doctor-to-snog-companions, fluffy snark, foreshadowing, free love, friendcest, ftm dragqueens, fucking your gender binary, gallows humour, garak's interpretations of shakespeare, gawkiness, gender outlawry, girl!doctor, girl!fags, girl!schach, glowing green syringes, goggles, gypsy punk, hamlet's mindscape, hannibal lecter, hayley stark's backstory, hedonism, high cheekbones, holmescest, house's pain, house/doctor who, house/lie to me, insomnia, intelligent humour, jeffrey combs, jerry espenson, jolie-laide, kisses with ulterior motive, libertineism, lies, looking-for-lapels-in-firefly, loose-interpretations-of-starfleet-regulations, macbeth ph.d, mad pride, men with dubious morals, musicals-that-aren't-mama-mia, neo/morpheus/trinity, nobody's in this fandom!, nonlinear lifeforms, open biamory, part-time-lovers-and-full-time-friends, perseveration, piracy, planetary death, pointy hipbones, polyamory, pro-porn feminism, procrastinating, queer mutiny, rare fandoms, rare pairings, repopularising classic movies, river tam, rosencrantz & guildenstern, sapiosexuality, scars, severely-disfigured-men-in-masks, shakespeare, shameless lusting, shark week, skinny legs, small fandoms, smutty fanfic, specfic, spock-being-out-of-his-vulcan-mind, squints, star trek, stealth geekery, subverting-the-cheerfulness-of-sundresses, supervillains, symbology, tall pale men, tamcest, tattoos with meaning, telepathy, the black pearl, the doctor's name, the earl of rochester, the joker's plans, the master's psychosis, the mermaid problem, the opera ghost, the untempered schism, the-affairs-of-crane-poole-&-schmidt, time and space, topher brink, transqueerism, ugly sexy men, villainy, vulcans, weird alien anatomy, xenosexuality